Build a Professional Speaking Business

Tools, resources & strategies

to monetize your experience & expertise

Launch your speaking career!

Dr. Bryan Williams teaches you how to turn your skills, experience, and expertise into a highly profitable speaking business.

Bryan gives you the most important insights he’s gathered over the past 17 years as a professional speaker and 13 years as an entrepreneur. His goal is to help you significantly shorten your learning curve and start monetizing your expertise.

6-Hour Self-Paced Online Course

Video lessons with actionable learning guides

Bryan Williams Speaker School

You will learn:

Lesson 1: Branding – How to craft your image. How do you want to be perceived?

Lesson 2: Marketing – How to identify and communicate with your target market. How will let your audience know about you?

Lesson 3: Client Relationship Management – How to build strong relationships before, during and after your presentation.

Lesson 4: Presentation – How to design and deliver a memorable presentation (pre-call, slides, on-site, follow ups).

Lesson 5: Fees – How to negotiate and set them.

Lesson 6: Scaling & Administration – How to diversify your income stream via books, webinars, e-courses, etc. How to handle expense reports, taxes, contracts, etc.

Your course pays for itself with your very first speaking engagement!

Dr. Bryan Williams

"You'll learn from my experience. You'll benefit from my speed bumps, life lessons and business best practices. Years of experience will help you start a profitable career in as little as six months. Our focus is not a get rich quick technique; it's a series of solid strategies to build your own speaking enterprise."

About Bryan K. Williams, D.M.

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and a noted authority on service excellence, purpose-driven leadership and organizational effectiveness. Over the past ten years Bryan has worked closely with senior leaders to provide consulting, leadership and training expertise to hundreds of organizations in over 20 industries ranging from Healthcare to Luxury Hotels throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Dr. Williams has earned degrees in Business Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Adult Education, including Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.

Intro to Professional

Free Intro Course via Email
  • One 15-Minute Video Lesson
  • Six Lessons Delivered via Email
  • One Bonus Lesson "How to Build Your Own Online Course"

Launching Your Professional Speaking Career

6-Hour Learn at Your Own Pace Online Course
$ 395
  • 6-Hour Online Video Course with Six Free Learning Guides
  • Lesson #1: Branding
  • Lesson #2: Marketing
  • Lesson #3: Client Relationships
  • Lesson #4: Presentation
  • Lesson #5: Fees
  • Lesson #6: Scaling & Admin

Mastering Your Professional Speaking Business

Live 6-Week Master Class with Bryan Williams
By Invitation Only
  • Everything from Previous Tiers
  • Six Weekly Live Webinars
    with Dr. Bryan K. Williams
  • Six Months of "Office Hours"
  • Graduates Only Private LinkedIn Group
  • Serious Entrepreneurs Only
  • Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Limited to Six Participants Per Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration investment worth it?

Absolutely! The BW Speaker School is geared towards strong mid-managers and senior leaders. Upon completing the course, my goal is for you to have the resources (and confidence) to charge, at least, $3,000 to $5,000 per speaking engagement.

So, as you can see, all you need is only ONE paid speaking engagement to get a return on your investment for the BW Speaker School!

With my busy schedule, how will I find the time to complete the course?

Over the years, I have learned that people will always make time for whatever they deem to be important. Priorities and schedules get re-shifted as needed. Just one hour, once a week and you can start a whole new career. Others prefer to binge-watch!

Will I be able to apply the lessons from each module?

Yes. At the conclusion of each lesson, you can download a learning guide with action items intended for you to apply what you just learned. Start and stop each lesson; learn completely at your own pace. Watch and re-watch as often as you wish. Build your business on your timeframe.

There are so many things that I am interested in, I'm not sure what my niche should be.

Many speakers struggle with that issue. That is why the first module is “Branding”. In the very first hour, we focus exclusively on helping you identify your passion, core competency and niche!

What if I just want to speak part-time and not commit full time?

That is completely up to you! This 6-lesson online course is highly relevant whether you are aiming to become a full-time professional speaker commanding $10,000 (plus) per engagement or you would like to supplement your income with periodic $3,000 keynotes and breakout sessions.

Will I have access to Dr. Williams during the course if I have questions?

Every student will have Dr. Williams’ personal email address, and he will answer questions from students every week. Need more help? Bryan allows graduates of the “Launching Your Professional Speaking Career” online course to participate in an invitation only masterclass hosted via live webinar. For the most dedicated students, Bryan’s “Mastering Your Professional Speaking Business” course is your roadmap for success.

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