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Launch your speaking career!

Dr. Bryan Williams teaches you how to turn your skills, experience, and expertise into a highly profitable speaking business.

In this FREE preview webinar, you’ll meet Bryan Williams, live online. He will help you decide if professional speaking is the right career move for you!

Who should attend this free webinar?

  • Are you comfortable in front of a crowd?
  • Do you have skills, experience, or expertise that others wish to learn?
  • Are you an expert in your industry, called on to educate others?
  • Are you tired of others benefiting financially from your talents and expertise?
  • Are you ready to be your own boss and navigate your own career?
  • Does your industry suffer when the economy slows?
  • Do you have a desire to teach, inspire, and entertain?
  • Are you interested in generating serious income above and beyond your day job, or even replacing your day job entirely?!

There are lots of talented speakers. There are lots of smart and experienced people.

Very few people, however, have the ability to do both. 

Most professional speakers START with fees between $3000 and $5000 per day! Experienced speakers can earn $10K-$25K per event!

The difference between you and these highly paid pros is knowing how to package, promote, and close big speaking gigs.

This free seminar will tell you more about a powerful learning package for professionals only. Are you ready to turn your talents into a lucrative career.

This 6-week course begins July 30, 2019

Bryan Williams Speaker School

You will learn:

Week 1: Branding – How to craft your image. How do you want to be perceived?

Week 2: Marketing – How to identify and communicate with your target market. How will let your audience know about you?

Week 3: Client Relationship Management – How to build strong relationships before, during and after your presentation.

Week 4: Presentation – How to design and deliver a memorable presentation (pre-call, slides, on-site, follow ups).

Week 5: Fees – How to negotiate and set them.

Week 6: Scaling & Administration – How to diversify your income stream via books, webinars, e-courses, etc. How to handle expense reports, taxes, contracts, etc.

This special event has limited space, so sign up today!

Dr. Bryan Williams

"You'll learn from my experience. You'll benefit from my speed bumps, life lessons and business best practices. Years of experience will help you start a profitable career in as little as six months. Our focus is not a get rich quick technique; it's a series of solid strategies to build your own speaking enterprise."

About Bryan K. Williams, D.M.

Dr. Bryan K. Williams is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and a noted authority on service excellence, purpose-driven leadership and organizational effectiveness. Over the past ten years Bryan has worked closely with senior leaders to provide consulting, leadership and training expertise to hundreds of organizations in over 20 industries ranging from Healthcare to Luxury Hotels throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Dr. Williams has earned degrees in Business Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Adult Education, including Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.

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